Sunday, February 15, 2015 | By: Debbie

Fighting a battle

I feel like sometime I am on a down hill spiral with food.  I can not seem to control my eating or get a grip on it.  I tell myself that I am starting on every morning, but here lately it seems that I do not stick to it.   I did not work out much last week and that is due to several reasons.  We are working on a rental unit at work so that we can get it ready by the 21st.   I am working a lot of hours to get it finished. 

I am drinking way to much chocolate milk and eating way to many of the wrong snacks.  I have to get a grip or I am not going to be able to fit in anything I own for the summer and I brought some great summer clothes last year.  I have gained back 25 pounds from last summer  To much stress is another thing I am going through. 

I am going to try again to start over and get to a Weight Watchers meeting this week.


Dianna said...

I've just found you and reading the first post I see you are having the same problem as me. I do well the first part of the day but by evening I just keep eating. As far as the chocolate milk is concerned try the chocolate almond milk. Very tasty and I believe less calories. The WW meetings help because you find your not alone with your struggles. Loosing weight is a very difficult process that I too am still working on but don't give up.