Tuesday, September 14, 2010 | By: Debbie

Tuesday 09-14-10 Quick post

Today has been crazy at work and busy.  I did not get to post at lunch so this is one short post to just get my journal out for everyone to see.    I am really stressing out today and I have felt like I am starving for the first time since I have been on Weight Watchers.  I know it is just stress and I hope I do not have a binge coming.    I have eat all my snacks today and I even got up and went to look for something to snack on.  Nothing found so I was okay, I am glad we cleaned out the frig at work though.  I just fixed me a glass of water and went on back to work.  Now if I can just not start eating when I walk through the door of the house I will be doing good. 

When I am stressing out or have had a bad day food is like a warm blanket or something.  I know it really does not comfort me and I just think it does, but right now a big old piece of cheese cake would be great.  Oooooooooooooh  I know a 3 piece fried chicken dinner from KFC.  OMG  see what I mean it is on my mind..

Okay time to get my mind off of it..  Here is yesterday's food journal.. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me that I can shake this..  lol


~Shannon~ said...

So now that you feel a binge coming on, do something to combat it..Don't give in. If you have any of your 35 extra points, use them for a treat if you have to. I find that if you do a little exercise the minute you walk in the door from work thoughts of food are easier to manage and if there still there, start reading your food jouranl and look at the lbs lost to keep you focused!! So, slap that binge in the ass and send it on its way..You aint havin it! ;)

Mark said...

I wish that I could dismiss KFC as easily! :)

amandakiska said...

The problem with the stress release we receive from binge eating is that it doesn't last. That means that when we're done binging the stress comes back (and brings the additional stress from having binged) so we either have to binge all the time or find a different way to cope. I vote for finding a different way to cope!

When I have the munchies though I do have some standby snacks that I will have. My favorite is the 1 point popcorn bags. It's so much food!

But if I really want something like the KFC, I'll incorporate it into my food plan. I believe in all things in moderation. Deprivation leads to binges in my experience.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

It's good that you're recognizing your stress and what it really means. I'm feeling stressed too - mom's assessment is tomorrow and I will be there. I did okay w/ my food today though, but it was more difficult.

Lanie Painie said...

Maybe spend some extra time with Merlin tonight and you'll feel better. Or the Wii. Something. Just don't go near Col. Sanders! He's the devil! (the tasty tasty devil).

Lou said...

Hope you made it through the urge AOK. I'm hearing Bitch Cakes say 'you may love KFC but it doesn't love you back'...that's what gets me through!