Tuesday, January 17, 2017 | By: Debbie

Out of control.

I am out of control on my eating and do not know how to get a grip.  I have so much on my mind and I wonder if that is what is going on.   I am eating everything that I can get my hands on or in my mouth so to speak.  I am going to the gym in the morning and hopefully I will start to get back on track with my working out and eating.

I am going to start out slow and try and get started walking again and maybe do some running.  That is my plan at this time.

I am going to start taking my lunch again and try and find something to do at lunch everyday.  I do not like eating at the shop cause I do not feel like I have actually had a break from the shop.  So I may start walking at lunch or something to add in extra steps.

Short blog today, and I hope to get back to blogging regular again.