Sunday, January 6, 2013 | By: Debbie

Sunday - on track - one day at a time

Okay I had a really good weekend and stayed on track.  I am hoping for a good weigh in this week.  My motivation is high and so far I am doing okay with the points program again. The only thing that I am doing different is that I am doing all my tracking online.  I have a monthly pass with WW and I really like it a lot.  I can look up food and scan bar codes and
it keeps track of everything for me.

No exercise to speak of this weekend, due to the weather Saturday and driving home today from deer camp.  I am going to get my swimming in tomorrow though, I already have my swim suit packed and ready to go.  I really like swimming and it is easy on the knees and my foot.

I am going to start posting my food again, as soon as I figure out how to down load it from WW.

Have a great night and I am off to read some posts.


MaryFran said...

Keep it up!! You have this! nd by the way, i'm SOOO jealous that you are going swimming. I wish there was someplace that I could swim (without paying an arm and a leg!)

that TOPS lady said...

great title---really caught my attention---one day at a time!