Tuesday, March 13, 2012 | By: Debbie

Tuesday March 13, 2012 - First Workout with Trainer..

OMG I am so sore, "T" my personal trainer put me through it today.  He had me on the treadmill for a warm up and then onto weight machines that worked every part of my body.  I can not wait to get home and take a hot bath and just soak.  I do it again on Thursday so I have tomorrow to get over today.  I will just swim and walk tomorrow so that I will be ready for him on Thursday.  I used muscles today that I did not know I still had.  I also put my bod in positions that I did not think was possible. 

The biggest thing I learned is that I need some work out clothes.  I worked out in the capri's that I wore to work and I was sweating when I got through.  I am going to look for me a plus size sports bra and some long shorts or capri's that dry quick.  I am going to try Walmart, but I will just have to look for them. 

I did not eat lunch before I went and I was not hungry when I got back so I think I will try and eat a light lunch before I go on Thursday.  I have been downing some water since I got back though.  All that exercise made me thirsty and water is the only thing that seems to cut it.  My trainer suggested I try sparkling water instead of diet cokes, and I looked at Kroger but could not find any.  So any body out there in blogger land drink sparkling water?  Let me know where I can go and look for it.

Have a great day and I am going to go and read some posts.


oh_mg said...

I used to drink tons of sparkling water before I gave up all non-water or tea drinks. We found it in the soda aisle of the grocery store (near the seltzers and tonics), Wal-Mart, or Target.

My sister found some great workout clothes at Wal-Mart, good plus size sports bras and comrpression capris (it's a non-cotton material that doesn't absorb sweat).

Anonymous said...

Good job! It's nice that nice plus-sized clothes are available in reasonably-priced stores now! Our Walmarts always have a good selection. I have purchased "Ice" brand waters @ Costco. They are really good but pricey - in Canada we pay $13 for 24. (I guess that isn't too bad?) For an evening drink, I mix half of one with some Pina Colada mix (about an inch of the mix) and it's low-cal and yummy! (I also have a Lime Cordial mix that I like.)