Wednesday, August 24, 2011 | By: Debbie

Wednesday August 24, 2011 - Dieting on a budget...

Well I set down at lunch and wrote out my grocery list and then re-wrote it several times.  We are on such a budget right now that I am having to really look at what I am buying.  I love fresh fruits and veggies and they can get expensive.  I am trying to buy groceries at Kroger, and they are kind of high anyway.  The reason I am changing from Walmart to Kroger is that I tend to buy things other than groceries when I got to Walmart so I am taking away that choice.  On the other hand you can really get some bargains at Kroger and there is the 10 cents off on gas.     You would think that I could feed two people easy off of $150.00 a week, but you throw in lunch and snacks and it takes some juggling. 

I did manage to log my food in my phone yesterday and I did okay.  I am having gumbo tonight and I can have a whole cup with a few crackers and that is a lot of Gumbo.   Supper is my hardest meal, because of having to feed hubby and he is a meat and potatoes guy. 

Do you ever have days that you just feel fatter than other days.  I am having one of those days today, and I do not like it.  I was in Kroger and walked  by the freezer section, you know where you can see yourself in the glass and I looked fatter.   I feel really frumpy today for some reason and it just may be the way I am dressed.   The one thing I know is that I have got a grip back on my dieting and I will step on those scales in the morning and see how I have done.  That is one thing that you can not hide from is the scales they are honest and will tell how you have been doing this week.  Now me sometimes I would like to take a hammer to them. lol..

Have a great day bloggers...

Wednesday August 24, 2011

Allocated : 28.0
Remaining: 0.0
Total : 28.0

2.0 2x ww fudge bar
0.0 green beans
3.0 chicken grilled 3 oz
6.0 3x Taco shell 1 medium (13g)
2.0 cheese shredded
0.0 lettuce
5.0 venison
1.0 tomato
2.0 egg boiled
1.0 grapes
1.0 watermelon
1.0 cantaloupes
2.0 whole wheat bread
1.0 Mayo w/ olive oil
1.0 Banana(s) 1 large (136g)


The Path Traveled said...

I have those days. I think some days my scales are hunting me. They don't seem to ever move least not the direction I want them to! I can share in that statement about taking the hammer to them. I hope your weigh in with your hubby is a good one and will make you feel better.
I hate grocery shopping in the first place and never seem to remember everything I need. It doesn't help to make a list because I forget the list! Lol!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Hang in there, Debbie. I know what you are dealing with trying to diet on a budget. Our budget is not much more than yours and we have 4 people to feed. It is very hard to stay within the limits and eat healthy food. We just have to do the best we can.

mensa said...

Our budget is a little less than yours and we do okay for two people but hubby does all the grocery shopping and cooking since he's retired. He usually tries to get two meals out of the meat portion. I guess I have it pretty good. Good luck on your weigh-in, I know you'll do well.


Tim said...

I've lost count the amount of times i've come close to throwing my scales out the window!

Sometimes they are TOO honest. I wouldn't mind a little lie now and then to say i've lost 40lbs over night! LOL

Wendy said...

Scale? I managed to "lose" mine in our recent move ;)

I feel your dieting on a budget pain. I am tired of being unemployed and i am beyond tired of relentlessly killing trees for applications and resumes! And don't get me started on the cost of resume paper! I took a job advisors advice and printed extra resumes for a interview...6 sets and not one was used! i can't reuse any of the three page wonders because they are job specific! And the dang paper cost me 12 dollars too!

Joy said...

Yeah I totally have days like that. For me, it all in my attitude. If I decide I look good I do... You know how that goes. I've been working on my attitude lately. It's improving.

I know what you mean about dinners. I find, that it's too expensive to make two different dinners, so I just make what Hubby likes and then I fit it into my calorie budget. I have been slowly changing how I cook, you know putting some whole wheat in the mix, cooking without oil, less salt and sugars, using different seasonings and he does not even realize what I'm doing. I did not announce that he was going to be eating healthy too, I just kind of worked it in. Tee Hee!!!

Keep focused!