Thursday, August 18, 2011 | By: Debbie

Thursday August 18, 2011- Weighed in this morning.. OMG...

Well I weighed in this morning in front of hubby and OMG I am back up to 256 lbs.  I wanted to just slap me silly or stuff a sock in my mouth or something.  It is so easy to gain it back and so damn hard to take it off.  How could I do this to myself again, when I have done so good.  Well you can bet I am back on track and hope to start my walking back next week.  I have an appointment with a foot doctor Tuesday due to pain in my heel when I walk.  I have a pad in my shoe right now and it seems to help some, but it hurts like hell to walk to much. 

I had a great lunch today of tuna fish and lite chips.  I am trying Coke Zero and I like it better than diet coke.  It does not have the after taste that you get with the diet cokes.  I tried giving them up altogether, but I was on the verge of killing hubby so he went and brought me a 12 pack.    I think they put crack in them or something or maybe it is the fact that I have been on cokes since before I could walk.  My whole family are diet coke nuts. 

I would like to discuss the price of food since I just had a stroke at the grocery store.  A can of coffee just cost me $10.00, and I like to have fell out.  The yogurt that I just brought hubby last week went up 18 cents and, meat is unreal.  Hubby has got to get on the ball and kill us a deer so I can get some burger made.  I have not had to buy hamburger in so long that it blew my mind how much it cost.   Chicken is also expensive so I have been giving hubby's chickens a second look.  I think I am making the rooster nervous looking at him and thinking about making dumplings out of him.  lol...  

Have a great day and here is yesterdays food journal.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Allocated : 28
Earned : 0.0
Remaining :9
Total : 19.0

6.0 tuna casserole 1 cup
1.0 white wheat bread
8.0 gumbo 1-1/2 cups
1.0 watermelon 1 cup
0.0 Cola, diet 1 can (330ml)
1.0 Mayo w/ olive oil
2.0 egg scrambled


Ice Queen said...

(((hug))) It sucks to get off track and to struggle. I am so proud of you for picking yourself up and carrying on. Hang tough, girlfriend! You can doooo eeeeet! :D

The Path Traveled said...

You can do this...Slap, slap! There, did that help?
Wait till the rooster is sleeping, then grab him, swing in circle like my Granny did and snap his dumpling butt...You can freeze servings for extra sup, casserole, sandwich wrap. Yum

Jo said...

It's easy to put weight loss on the back burner, but then it is burning out of control when we get around to focusing again. We've all been there. Hang tough, and good girl for getting back on track!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I'm sorry, Debbie. It is so easy to fall off the wagon, especially when so much is going on. You already know what to do. Just get back on that horse and start again. I wish you the absolute best.

Tim said...

You're not the only one to have struggled lately, myself and many other bloggers I follow seem to be struggling too.

Now we've all had our scares, maybe it's time we all come together and really help and encourage each other to get out of this sticky patch and get back on the right path.

Good luck Debbie, you can definitely do this!