Saturday, August 20, 2011 | By: Debbie

Saturday August 20, 2011 - First Weekend at Deer Camp..

Well our season has started at Deer Camp and so far it has been a total nightmare.  We have a mouse problem for the first thing and I had to go and get mouse traps today.  I have already caught 4 so they are awful this year.  It is almost impossible to keep them out of a trailer and really hard when you are not hear for months at a time.   Second thing hubby and one of the guys from deer camp backed his truck in a hole and broke the drive shaft on it.  They had to pull it out with the tractor this morning.  So hubby, me, both dogs and our grandson are going home in my Honda Civic in the morning.  It is going to be crowded to say the least.

I have done okay on my eating today so far and I hope to start my walking again as soon as I go to the foot doctor.  It has been hurting pretty bad today since I left my crocks at home.   I hope to start training for another 5k as soon as it cools off some.   I hope to walk in my first one sometime in September or the first of October.

I went to Walmart today and got me some Sprite Zeros and they are pretty good.  I am going to try them for a while and see how I do.  I like the Coke Zero pretty good, but the Sprites will be better since they are clear.   Breakfast this morning was a scrambled egg and one homemade biscuit with sugar free syrup.   Lunch was a turkey sandwich and some lite chips.  I am going to have me a Popsicle before I go to bed.  I am just waiting on my grandson to go to bed. 

Have a good night and I will try and get a blog in before  I go home.


Tim said...

Bit of a random comment from me but i've always wanted to visit a Walmart because I read about them and see them on TV so much yet when I last went to the USA in 2008, we never saw one to visit just so I could say "i've been there!" whenever I saw it on TV in England lol!

mensa said...

Hi Debbie,

I'm back at it and your blog was one of the first I checked out upon my return. Looks like you're still on track. My 5k is a little over a month away and the light bulb finally went off and I'm giving things another go. Do you have a specific race you're doing. Keep being my motivation.