Wednesday, July 6, 2011 | By: Debbie

Wednesday July 6th, 2011 - New day old WW plan..

Well this is day one of the old WW plan and so far so good.  I think this will work better for me, cause ever since they changed it I have not lost any weight only gained.  So I am starting over so to speak with the old plan and see how it works for me again.  I think the new plan is a little to free with the zero foods and I use them to much.  This way I have to count just about everything that goes into my mouth and this worked for me before the new plan. 

I put my ad in the paper, but I did not get a call.  I was hoping for at least one call, but it did not happen.  My knee is feeling better so I am going to walk by myself this afternoon when  I get home from my WW meeting.  I am going in to night to weigh-in and start over, cause I know I am up a couple of pounds again. 

Have a great day.


Miss Felicity said...

Good luck with the "new old ww" I am not aware of the change, Ive never used WW, whats the difference now??

Kelly said...

Good luck with Momentum, Debbie. And it's good to hear your knee is feeling better!

The Path Traveled said...

"The Broke 4Ranch" is having a Virtual Blog BBQ, hosted by yours truely. BBQ dinner will be held outside at The Bunk House with a Barn Dance following this evening. Invitation is posted on my blog.
Hope to see you there!