Tuesday, July 5, 2011 | By: Debbie

Tuesday July 5th, 2011 - Limping but working...

Well I hobbled in to work today on my sore knee and I have tried to stay off of it as much as possible.  It already feels a lot better and the swelling has gone down.  I did not get a whole lot done this weekend at home because of it, but that's life. 

I am officially back on the old WW plan as of today all the way and I think this is going to be the best thing.  I was doing great until they changed the plan before Xmas so I am back on the old one.  My goal is to give it a month to see if I lose weight on it and if I do I am going to stick with it.  If I do not then I am going to try something else, maybe a low calorie diet or something.   I was hoping that I could go home and go for a swim tonight, but it is raining here so no swim.  I can not walk on the treadmill because of my knee so I am going to start getting my bedroom ready to paint. 

How was every one's 4th and did everyone eat healthy?    Have a great day.


Enz said...

Glad you are starting to feel better.

oh_mg said...

Sorry to hear your knee is bothering you! Mine too - too much swimming! - so today's a rest day for me.

Larry Romeo said...


It is great to hear that your knee is a little better. By now you have heard all the bad knee stories. Based on what my wife went through which resulted in a knee replacement I strongly suggest that you get your knee looked at by a knee surgeon and follow his advice.

I encourage you to stay with weight watchers. It is a good weight loss program but it does requires a continual lifestyle change and sticking with the program for a long period of time. I am convinced changing from one weight loss program to another is the wrong thing to do. It is better to pick one like weight watchers and stay with it.

Good luck with your knee and your weight loss program.

Tim said...

Obviously your walking is on hold at the moment but did you ever get a response from your walking ad you placed in the local news the other day?