Wednesday, July 20, 2011 | By: Debbie

Wednesday July 20, 2011 - Running on empty...

No post yesterday due to being so busy at work and not having Internet at home.  I have been so busy at work and then going home to paint and work on my house.  I am finished with the bedroom and we are moving onto the kitchen. 

My eating has been crazy the last couple of days due to being so busy and not getting to walk or swim thanks to the weather.  I am taking Merlin to Port Gibson for the season so I can ride during deer season again this year. 

Stay healthy.


The Path Traveled said...

I know you will be back in the swing soon and posting. I bet the house is really nice. Your always so busy and active working on it! Have a great week.

Enz said...

Hope you'll be back soon...miss your posts!