Sunday, July 3, 2011 | By: Debbie

Sunday July 3rd, 2011 - Beautiful morning at Deer Camp..

I got up with the chickens this morning so to speak.  I thought I was going to have a horrible weekend after yesterday, but it is better this morning.  My friend Linda and I went to town yesterday, which is funny cause the town is like maybe 5 stores and 3 of them are dollar stores.  Anyway we were on the hunt for chicken things to put in my kitchen at the deer camp and went to the dollar stores.  We went in a store called Value Mart in Port Gibson, and I was walking down one of the aisle looking at some chicken clocks on the back wall when I stepped in some car wash stuff that someone had spilled on the floor.  Well one foot went one way and I came down on my knee and my back.  Instant pain went through my knee all the way up my hip to my back.  I am sitting on the floor in a puddle of slicky stuff and I can not get up.  My friend Linda gets to me and we try to get me up.  Now 10 minutes have gone by and no one from the store has come to help me, so Linda gets some towels off of the shelf and we try and at least get me something to stand on.  We get me up and I can not put any weight on my leg and now the manager comes in with her purse.  The girl up front never came back to see how bad I was hurt or anything, but I am still not really upset you know accidents happen.  The store manager gets me a chair and starts cleaning up the mess, still has not ask me how bad I am hurt or anything.  Finally I ask her do you guys have insurance and how do we handle this cause my knee is hurting like hell by now and swelling up.  She goes up front and gets a form to fill out and ask me what happen and I told her.  She fills out this accident form and goes up front to call the home office and tells me she is going to make me a copy.  Now is when things start to go wrong...  She comes back with a piece of note paper with a couple of phone numbers written on it and her name is on it.  I ask her where my copy of the accident report is and she says that she can not give me a copy.  She hands me the piece of paper and says that I will have to call the home office on Tuesday cause they are closed until then. Okay now I am pissed off and let me tell you that when I am pissed off I am a force to be reckoned with.  Linda helps me hobble to the front of the store and I tell her that I need to go the ER and get my knee seen about and what do I tell them.  Again this girl tells me that I will need to call the home office and does not offer to help Linda get me to the car.   So to make  along story short I end up at the ER with hubby for 5 hours to get my knee x-rayed, I am now on crutches for a few days.   So come Tuesday I am going to have a nice conversation with the Home Office of this place. 

Well on to more pleasant things this morning.  It is a beautiful day and my knee is better this morning I can at least bend it and walk on it.  We are headed home this morning and I am headed for the pool.  We went to a fish fry last night and it was great.  I did really well on my eating and only had a couple of pieces of fish and a small helping of potato salad.   Breakfast this morning is going to a homemade biscuit and a piece of deer sausage.  I might add some watermelon to it for something sweet. 

I hope everyone has a great 4th and a healthy one.


Kelly said...

Oh Debbie - that is just awful! You would think those people at the store would've been bending over backwards helping you or calling an ambulance or something! You better give them a piece of your mind on Tuesday! Feel better soon, and keep us updated, please.

oh_mg said...

Oh no! Hope you feel better soon! The pool will be great, I bet - low-impact and still an awesome workout! I've been swimming more lately, great for beating the heat while still burning the calories!

Floriana said...

Oh... that's terrible. So sorry to hear about your injury. That's no way to treat you, make sure to call them and fight for your rights. Hope your knee gets better quickly. Get well!

spunkysuzi said...

Ouch! They were obviously under educated in health and safety matters!
I have to take courses to make sure I and my staff know exactly what to do.
Too bad you didn't have a camera to take a picture of the stuff on the floor.
They really need to take responsibility for the accident!
Hope your back to 100% soon.

Enz said...

Oh no, I hope you are back to yourself soon!!! Take care of you.

Tim said...

No way!! I can't believe that happened and the way they dealt with it was totally unacceptable. I hope you feel better soon!

The Path Traveled said...

I am just now getting around to reading the blogs I follow. Wow! I think I would have used my cell phone and took photo of the report and the girl who works there. If you have to make them pay for the ER and such it may be them saying it never happened. I am so sorry you got hurt. Hope today was not bad at work and your back to swimming soon.