Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | By: Debbie

Tuesday May 10th, 2011 - Not looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow.

Well I will face the music so to speak tomorrow for my week on a binge.  I do not know what has come over my this week, and I trying to gain some kind of control.  I am not looking forward to the weigh in tomorrow, cause on my scales I have gained about 6 lbs so we will see how I do on the WW scales.  I am getting some control back today, but the day before a weigh in is not going to help.  I will step on the scales though and get it over with and start over.

My new pool came in today and I am looking forward to getting it set up so I can start swimming soon.  I would love to ride my bike, but it is already getting to hot here for me.  I do not handle heat well and I really do not like to be hot. 

Speaking of going off on a binge,  I would love to hear how some of you handle it and got back on track.   Can you believe that someone can gain 6 lbs in a week??  Thanks for all the comments on yesterdays post and have a great day.


Enz said...

To gain 6 lbs in such a short amount of time is probably water and sodium retention...and you can get it off again. You will. The weigh in tomorrow is just a point in time. Move on past it to the next point in time where you make better decisions.

Life as a Caterpillar said...

I agree with Enz. It's bound to be water and sodium. I read (on ww site) that losing or gaining more than 2.5lbs a week is not fat, it is water.

I wish you well for your weigh-in,but please don't get down, whatever the figure. You've already started putting it right, and you don't need to beat yourself up over past mistakes, just carry on and do right by yourself this week!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

My whole weekend was bad and I am up a few pounds too. I just had to make up my mind today that I was going to be in control and not my eating. It has been much better today but it will take several days to undo the damage I think. You just have to make up your mind to STOP the eating and get back on track. Good luck.

Miesha Roshawn said...

When I relocated from Seattle to Houston in February, I was on a binge for a month and a half! I worked out three times and ate whatever I wanted! Luckily I only gained five pounds but in that short time I saw the body that I have worked so hard for starting to change! I honestly think I needed the break but I jumped right back in the game and refocused. Last week I worked out 6 days and gained 5 pounds, don't let the scale drive you crazy!

Joy said...

The binge is done; there's no reversing it so the most important thing is what you do next. I am convinced that picking yourself up and dusting yourself off is what matters most. Statistics are pretty much against us food addicts that we won't have a binge occasionally; it's how we deal with the binges afterwards that is important. I don't have any quick advice as to how to get back into the right mindset. Sometimes it only takes me a day after a binge, sometimes it's a week, and good Lord, sometimes it's a month or more(unfortunately). Just think about the time wasted when we binge, then have to relose the same weight. It's all time we could have spent continuing losing. And girl, I've gained 6 lbs in 2 days before; I don't really think of binge weight as all 'real' weight as it is usually a lot of undigested food and sodium bloat, and usually comes off within a few days. Keep your head up; we're rooting for you!