Monday, March 14, 2011 | By: Debbie

Monday March 14, 2011 - Great Weekend

I had a pretty good weekend and it was busy and healthy.  Saturday I slept late while hubby had to get up and go do a side job.  I acutally slept till 8:00 AM if you can belive that and got up and took me a shower and went to Home Depot.  I am in the process of  redoing my exercise room and went after some paint samples.  I got a lot done on Saturday and even went by the grocery store which I hate to do so I would not have to get up and go on Sunday.   Now Sunday I stayed home all day hubby and I and I clean house and did laundry all day.  I pulled the carpet up in my exercise room getting ready to put the hardwood floors down.  I am going to paint the walls first as soon as I can find a paint color I like.  Tonight I will be working on the walls patching nail holes and a couple of cracks in the wall from the house settling down.

My eating this weekend was pretty good and I hope to loose 2 or 3 lbs this week and look forward to my weigh in this week.  We cooked some ribeyes last night on the grill and they were great.  I found some on sale at Walmart and got two of them.  I fixed some steamed veggies and hubby some lobster cakes to go with his.  I got up yesterday and even made homemade waffles for breakfast with some country ham.  It was pretty good. 

I did weigh this morning and I am down 2 lbs on my scales from last week so that is good.  Sometimes though my scales are about a pound lighter than the Weight Watchers scales so I will not get my hopes up until I weigh Wednesday night.  I have come to realize that I will fight this weight battle all my life so I hope with Weight Watchers I have found a way to do it and still enjoy what I love to eat.  My doctor told me that he belives that Weight Watchers is the best because you can live with the food.  So we will see..  Have a great day and I am going to go and try and read some new posts this morning.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Congrats on the weight loss and good luck with your next weigh in. :)

Jo said...

You're doing great with the consistent loss! I agree that WW is do-able for life, and it is one of my choices for maintenance. Have a great week!