Friday, March 18, 2011 | By: Debbie

Friday March 18, 2011 And I am back on line..

I am so glad to have a way to post at work and I was going in to withdrawals not being able to check on my blog and see what everyone is doing.  I have missed it and it is funny how you can come to depend on something like this, but it helps me stay on track and I love the support.  I am having a better week on my eating even though I did not lose any weight last week.  I stayed the same, but that is okay at least I did not gain anything.  I am tracking every day again and this is helping and I will be posting my journals as soon as we get a decent Internet connection.  We are working off of a cell phone card and it uses a lot of data to upload pics so I have to wait until they get us hooked up to start posting my journals again.  Hopefully next week, but we are at the mercy of Comcast and you do not want to hear my thoughts on them.

We are going to get to keep our grandson all night Saturday night and we are so excited.  He is the light of our lives right now and a ball of energy so it should be fun. 

I have taken everything out of my exercise room and pulled the carpet up and I am going to paint this weekend and then we will be starting on putting down the hardwood floors.  I will be so glad then I will only have one room that has carpet and I hope to get it up this year.

Okay I have to go and get back to work, but I am taking the cell phone card home with me this weekend and I will see how it does at my house so maybe I can catch up on reading some posts.   Have a great weekend..


Karen Butler Ogle said...

A great weekend to you too, Debbie. I hope the cell phone card works at home. I would go crazy without my internet for a whole weekend. :)

The Path Traveled said...

Glad your able to get on at work at post. I know the time with your grandchild will be fun and a great memory in your heart. My granddaughter is four and she will stay with us next Friday night. I love spending time with her. I missed so much with my girls growing up because of working. I want to treasure every minute with this little one.

Momma Hunt said...

Welcome back to the online world!

Tamzin said...

reno and painting a room IS a workout! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy! Sounds like you've got a lot of jobs to keep you busy!