Tuesday, December 7, 2010 | By: Debbie

Tuesday 12-07-2010 Counting those points..

Goodness I am having to recount all my points on things that I knew by heart, but the new program is so much better.  I am feeling so good after my cold and my energy is coming back. 

I had a great breakfast this morning and I decided to step it up a few points.  I had a boiled egg, bagel thin and 3 pcs of turkey sausage.  This made for an 8 point breakfast, but that is okay.  I am having left over tacos for lunch today and I made them with ground Turkey.  It was okay, but I do not think I will do it again.  Hubby was not crazy about it.  I really, really  miss my deer burger and hope to have some processed next week. 

I still did not get to exercise yesterday, got to busy when I got home with cooking and doing laundry.  I did not get to sit down until 6:30 to eat and then I had to clean the kitchen get lunches ready and fold a load of laundry.  So much for finding time to walk or get on the wii.  I need an extra person or at least a clone of myself these days.  I have presents to wrap and still have a couple I need to pickup. 

Short post today here is yesterdays food journal.  I hope everyone has a great day..


Tim said...

Do you know why WW decided to change their point system?

Is it to get people to eat more fruit and veg?

mensa said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better and that the new WW program is working for you. When we came home from Mississippi a few weeks ago, I couldn't believe all the trailers we saw carry deer carcasses. Guess it was hunting season.

Princess Dieter said...

I think WW was smart to change it up , even if it requires adjustment, for the sake of produce intake. However, they really should have a free calculator available online for ALL members, not just etools one. The book doesn't have EVERYTHING...so it would be nice.

Glad it was a good and energetic day.

OH, and I only like ground beef, shredded beef, shredded chicken or grilled cihcken tacos. I hate, hate ground turkey. It makes me gag.

KellyNY said...

I'm with you on not liking having to relearn all the points values. But I'll give PointsPlus a shot.

Roz said...

It's a drag to have to 'start over' with the numbers of points, however, from the sounds of things, its a good program. (mine starts tomorrow) Have a great day.