Wednesday, December 8, 2010 | By: Debbie

Wednesday 12/08/10 - First Weigh in on New WW Program

Okay tonight is my first weigh in on the new program and I am hoping for at least 2 lbs.  I would love to have loss 3 lbs, but I do not know.  I am loving the new program though and I know I am going on and on about it everyday, but it is great.  Lunch today was thought up from my new dinning out book, since hubby ate my grilled shrimp for breakfast this morning.  I had my lunch all prepared and he ate my shrimp this morning.  Now I have to admit they were wonderful last night with the steaks.   Oh well back to lunch today.  I had a small bowl of chill from Wendy's with 2 crackers and a 5 pc chicken nugget.  All together I had 11 points for lunch which is pretty good and I am full. 

Exercise is still not happening for me at this time and I was talking to my sister this morning and she also walks on the treadmill and is having the same problem.  Time is my problem and everything going on at my house.   So I sat myself down this morning and gave me a good talking to.  This is my conversation with myself.  Okay no body can walk for me or hold my had and lead me to the treadmill.  Okay I said, but we still have the time problem and everything else to do when we get home.  Yes that is right, so the laundry has to wait a while and the dishes don't go in the dishwasher till the next morning.  Shit happens you know..  I am going to make time for myself to exercise every night and that is just what is going to happen.  Like tonight I have to go weigh and I will not get home until late and I will have to pickup something for supper on my way home.  But come hell or high water I am going to walk on that damn treadmill or get on the wii for 30 min.  I made excuses when I was trying to start loosing weight about all the reasons why I could not do it and I have done it.  So I am going to start getting at least 30 min everyday of exercise one way or the other.

Have a great day and here is yesterday's food journal. 


spunkysuzi said...

:) I talk to myself all the time!
I find it takes a lot more effort to get me moving once the summer is over.
Your journal looks good.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I am the same way with exercise.... I sure need to have one of those talks with myself. I think I will refer to this post to do it too! Best of luck on your weigh in!! You're doing so great!!


Anonymous said...

I understand - I've been doing my exercise DVD right after the last family member leaves in the am (6:30am) -- I've been telling myself "just do it"!! :)

Roz said...

Love the "new point" recaps! I start today, and hopefully in no time it'll become second nature. Don't beat yourself up, it's an UBER busy time! And you'll get back to the workouts for sure! Have a great day!!!