Tuesday, November 2, 2010 | By: Debbie

Tuesday 11-02-10 - Energy still holding on..

Okay I do not know what is going on, but I still have a lot of energy today.  I am not complaining mind you cause I am getting a lot done.  I guess I will just wait for the burn out and pass out when it happens.  This must be me coming off of the meds though, because they always made me tired and run down.   I went home yesterday and cleaned my kitchen and did another load of laundry.  I had a steak and some lamb laid out for hubby, but the grill blew a gasket and ruined my steak and burned hubby's lamb.   I had to think fast to come up with something for supper, so we had some salmon and pasta with Mexican corn.  It was pretty good for a quick trip to the pantry and the frig to see what I could find.   Tonight's menu is taco's and it is hubby's favorite. 

I am consuming the hell out of water, and making a lot of trips to the bathroom.   No more headaches the last couple of days so, it was the artificial sweetener.   I do not have much time for a long post today so this is it.  Here is my food journal from yesterday and  I have posted a new progress picture for everyone to see so go and check it out..


Tamzin said...

Nice job on the food and water!!!

... and cutting out hte evil sweeteners!! :)

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

Good job with the food and water! Those are two important things, so you are doing a great job! :)

Phil said...

Nice going on the water intake - i have been concentrating on this lately too and it's having all kinds of effects....my skin feels really healthy; i find it MUCH easier not to graze when i'm stuffed from drinking water; generally feeling more alert; and my sleeping has been more sound (don't know if that last one is due to the water, but it's the only major variable i have changed lately).

I don't know quite how weight-watchers plans break down or if your journal for Monday is a typical one but the only suggestion i would throw-in is to eat more fruit as this may help with any sugar-cravings.

By the way, just had a look at your progress pics - nice work mi'lady....your hard work is paying off in spades.

KellyNY said...

I agree with Phil - try adding another fruit/veggie serving. Can't hurt. You're doing great!

Lesia said...

Just wanted to stop by and see how you have been. Looks like you are good. I got off my meds (about the same time as I started WW not related though) and I felt that increased energy too. My meds were not blood pressure though. Anyway the reason I am telling you this is I did ALOT of extra chores and exercise due to the extra energy and it caused my foot injury. So just make sure you have a good pair of shoes. Just saying. good luck on the weigh in. You sound like you will do great! smile.