Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | By: Debbie

Wednesday 11-03-10 Scale time again.

Boy Wednesday comes around quick these days.  Time to weigh in again and I hope to have lost at least 3 lbs, but we will see.  So far and knock on wood I have not had one gain, and I am on my 18th week on Weight Watchers so Yahoo.   Speaking of Weight Watchers and weighing in, my damn food scales bit the dust last night.  I was lost without them, and having to guess at it was not happening.  It is funny how 3 oz of guessing looks like a lot more than when you weigh out that 3 oz.   I had to run to Walmart at lunch and pickup some new ones, and I really did not need to spend the $20.00 for them. 

Not a whole lot to blog about today so I will try and do a long post this weekend.  Here is yesterdays food journal and wish me good luck on my weigh in.


mensa said...

You've got it! I foresee a big number in the weight LOSS column this week.


KellyNY said...

Good luck at WI!

Anonymous said...

Great job! Let us know how WI goes!