Sunday, October 31, 2010 | By: Debbie

Sunday 10-31-10 Taking Merlin for a spin..

Oh yea just me and Merlin off for a 3 mile ride this morning.   I am looking forward to it very much, because it is such a nice day.   It is like 53 degrees here today and sunny so it is going to be great.  I wanted to go and play golf, but I can not afford it this weekend so I am going to ride my bike.  I have been eyeing the neighbors trampoline though, and thinking about jumping on it.    I wonder how strong those things are and if they will hold a 239 lb women.  Anybody out there have a trampoline and jump on it.  I would be curious to know. 

Hey with Thanksgiving around the corner I have a couple of questions for you.

1.  Turkey or Ham - I cook a Turkey, hubby likes the dark meat.

2. Corn bread dressing or white bread dressing - We do the cornbread dressing

3. Name three other dishes that you have for Thanksgiving - Chicken & dumplings, Green bean casserole, Mash potatoes.

4.  Do you cook or do you go somewhere else to eat - I cook at deer camp so hubby can hunt.

I usually feed around 10 - 15 people at deer camp every year and it is a lot of work.  I start cooking on the Wednesday before. 

Good breakfast this morning if not a little strange.  I made homemade biscuits and I had a biscuit and 3 pcs of turkey bacon with a sweet potato.  Strange  I know, but I had a sweet potato left from last night and I love them so I ended up with a 6 point breakfast this morning.   Lunch today will be a sandwich and chips, but tonight I am taking the leftover pork loin and shredding it and making BBQ for super with some little red potato's.    I am going to start getting creative with leftovers at deer camp to save money. 

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and it is a pretty day where you are.  I am back on just plain water due to the fact that the Kool-aid shooters I was adding to it is giving me headaches.  I figure it is the artificial sweetener in them so back to just plain water for me and that is okay.  I am drinking 64 oz a day and more right now so when I took the picture on yesterdays post I was surprised at how good my skin is looking.    Here is yesterdays food journal and I am off for my bike ride.


Diana said...

Merlin! I love the name of your bike. Perfect. A bike ride sounds wonderful. I'm not sure where you live, but great weather. I think we're in the low 40's this morning and it's raining. Normal Halloween weather in the Pacific Northwest.

I can't believe how the time is flying this year. Thanksgiving thoughts already, then Christmas then 2011. Sounds so sci-fi doesn't, 2011?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful weather here, too, hope you enjoyed your bike ride! Thanksgiving questions:

1. Turkey or Ham - Turkey, usually hubby smokes it

2. Corn bread dressing or white bread dressing - Cornbread with lots of celery, onion, & sage

3. Name three other dishes that you have for Thanksgiving - Sweet potato casserole, homemade cranberry relish, pumpkin pie

4. Do you cook or do you go somewhere else to eat - Since we've been married (33 years) we have always gone to my sister-in-law's house on Thanksgiving day, so I cook a big turkey dinner either the weekend before or after....this year it will be a healthier version!

Btw, loved the picture on your last post, you're looking good!!

Tamzin said...

Ohhh yes, its so nice to get outsdie when its nice out. Our walk this mornig was 2.5miles and it was blue skys and lovely!

I'm a canuck - so TG is over! hahaha

1. Turkey or Ham - I don't like ham - so it Turkey all the way.

2. Corn bread dressing or white bread dressing - Hubby has a sausage, rosemary & cranberry dressing. It is magic...I have no idea what else goes in there.

3. Name three other dishes that you have for Thanksgiving - Mash potatoes, pumpkin pie (this year it will be lite!), and brussel sprouts YUM!!!

4. Do you cook or do you go somewhere else to eat - My husband is the good cook of us both. He does it. I clean up!

Patrick said...

Corn Bread
GB Casserole, Mashed Potatoes, Bacon Cole Slaw
COOK some years and go to other family other years.

Our hunting property is 4 hours away so we take that Thursday off to do the holiday justice and resume hunting Friday if we still have room to harvest more deer.