Saturday, October 30, 2010 | By: Debbie

Saturday 10-30-10 Energy to burn..

I do not know where it is coming from, but today I have had energy to burn.  I got up and cooked breakfast this morning, went and got my hair cut and brought groceries.  Then I came back to deer camp and did laundry and put on some turnip greens for supper.  I love me some greens and I have some sweet potato's baking in the oven with a couple of pork tenderloins.    I am in a cleaning mood also and I wish that I was at home so I could really get some things done. 

I am attaching a new picture for everyone to see.  I have been playing with the web cam on my computer and trying to figure out how to use it to make a video clip of myself.  No luck so far, but I did manage to take a picture for everyone to see.  I just went and got my hair cut today and it is really short, but I like it.    Boy it takes a college education to learn how to use one of these web cams.  Hey wait I have a college education, damn I am in trouble with this thing now.  I will figure it out sooner or later I hope.  

Well there it is my first attempt at a picture from the camera on my computer.  This is me in all my glory, no makeup and deer camp clothes on. 

Alright on to a more serious topic, not only is hubby only working 3 days a week as of Nov. 15th I will be without a job.  The company I am working for is having financial trouble due to the economy so he is going to cut back to just him and a tech.  I will be doing some part time work for him though.  Not to worry though I already have another job lined up so we will see how it goes.  I was hoping that the company I work for would pull out of this due to the fact that we have several contracts coming up, but it takes money till then to pay the bills.   Things are going to get really seriously tight at my house this year for Christmas.   Oh well who the hell said life is easy huh.   I may take a couple of weeks off though and go visit my cousin Patty and my Aunt Nita for a couple of days. 

Here is yesterday's food journal and I am going to go and check on my turnip greens and roast.  Have a great evening.  


Anonymous said...

Cute hair style - I like it! And turnip greens - yum, never had them but they sound yummy. You'll have to let us know how you cook them. I have a turnip on my counter waiting for hubby to cut -- maybe for tomorrow. I have a roast for tomorrow too.

Ice Queen said...

Cute new 'do. And look at you all up in that too loose shirt. :D

Lou said...

Sorry to hear about your job but great that you have something else lined up already. You're looking pretty darn great for no makeup in my books - perky perky perky! Nice work! :)

Mary said...

Good pic :)

Celeste Chen said...

Love it!(: where did you get that book??(: