Sunday, October 24, 2010 | By: Debbie

Sunday 10-24-10 Physical Fitness Online

Great day so far and a busy one.  I drove all the way home to check on Bonbon my red dog and all the way back to deer camp.  We decided to stay another night since hubby is off work while we can.  I will have to commute to work in the morning, but that is okay.  Not much exercise today with all the driving and going to meet my mother at the casino.  I really enjoyed that we have not done that in a while.  She was there with my Aunt Martha and I blew 25 dollars and started to leave and they gave me 15 bucks so I could play longer and I won $142.00.  Made my day let me tell you.

Okay on to the title of my blog today and here is the link to a blog I wish all of you guys would check out.  My nephew Blake Miley has started a blog on physical fitness.  He is a certified fitness instructor and a personal trainer so please check out his blog and lets give him a few followers.  I loved it when I was a newbie and I would get new followers.  He has some really great posts about nutrition and a video page on workout routines.   I like the one with the exercise ball and I am going to have to get me one of those.  I am going to get him to work me up a routine to do at home besides what I am doing with the wii.  I love my wii now don't get me wrong and I use it a lot.  My gift to me when I reach my 60 lb weight loss is going to be a new wii workout program. 

Supper tonight was a 4oz piece of rib eye with steamed veggies.  It was wonderful and so tender due to me marinating it for 3 hours.  I know 4oz does not sound like a lot but with a whole cup of veggies it was plenty.   The only problem I have with staying down here one more night is I will have to buy my lunch tomorrow and I am use to taking it.   So I am going to have to try and find something fast food wise that I can have.  Lucky for me Weight Watchers has a eating out guide so I will have to use it.   I really am leaning toward a subway though so I will have to look it up and see which one I can have and how many points.

I sure wish I had Internet at home, because I am enjoying reading all the posts at night.  So that is where I am headed to catch up with what is going on in blogger world.  Here is yesterday's journal.