Sunday, October 24, 2010 | By: Debbie

New Challenge...

Okay I just signed up for a new challenge over on Allan's blog.. 

Now don't let these two cute little puppies fool you this is one tough challenge.  So lets go boys and girls and see how we do it two weeks.  Here are the rules.

Challenge Rules
Your dailey caloric intake is your goal weight x 11
Everything you ingest counts and needs bo be recorded
You drink 64 ounces of water dailey
No cheating and no bullshit
2 weeks starting 10/25/10
Weigh in Monday Morning and weigh in 11/08/10

Let the games begin....


Raych said...

Wooohoo! I'm doing this too! Good luck, you can do it!


Princess Dieter said...

I'm in, too. I'm doing the 160 x 11= 1760. :D

Let's do it!

Christine said...

Good luck with the challenge! You can do it!!

amandakiska said...

That is way more than I eat currently. Goal weight 163 x 11 = 1,793. I usually fall around 1,200.