Saturday, October 2, 2010 | By: Debbie

Saturday 10/02/10 - Rested

Strange name for a title huh, but that is pretty much what I did today.  Rested, relaxed and did nothing..  I did get up and cook breakfast and go to Walmart to get groceries, but that was it.  I came back and unloaded my groceries and fixed a sandwich for hubby and I for lunch and then I took a 3 hour nap.  This week and the stress of hubby being off work and the stress of worrying about my job had taken a toll on my nerves.  I want to tell you it felt damn good to do nothing.  The trailer was quite, and Freckles and I took a nap.  I know I should have taken Merlin out for a ride, but I did not.  The one thing I ate today that was stupid, but I still had the points for it was a piece of cheese cake.  I love cheese cake and someone sent one home with hubby and I sat here and looked at it all night last night and today I said you know what I have been a good girl and I have stuck to my points and I deserve a reward.  So I ate a piece of that damn cheese cake and got it out of my system.  HA!!!  

Last nights supper was a new recipe that we both loved and it was a new Mexican dish.  It was called Pork and Tomato Carnitas and it was wonderful.   I got this out of a Weight Watchers cook book that I got on sale.  Here is the picture from last night.  I had to use white corn tortillas, because I could not find yellow ones.  Some times Walmart can piss me off the way the will have one thing one week and not have it the next.   They were still good even with the white corn shells.

I did okay on my eating today, except for the cheese cake.   Allan if you read this go ahead and give me hell I deserve it.  I know better and I should not have done it.   Speaking of or writing about Allan, has everyone checked out the Video he put on his blog.  I thought it was great and I am thinking about doing the same thing.  My lap top has one of those little cameras built in.  I am going to try and figure out how to do it so everyone can sort of meet me.  Well here is yesterday's food journal.   Have a nice night and I am off to read some posts.


Little Ms.Average said...

Your dinner looks delicious. Would you care to share the recipe?

mensa said...

That's the great thing about counting points. You can have what you want and sometimes you just want something a little sweet. Don't feel guilty. Yes, you could have had something a little more healthy but guilt will stand in way of your progress. You did good.