Sunday, October 3, 2010 | By: Debbie

Sunday 10-03-10 - Award time

Okay, I know that I have been slacking when it comes to giving away awards when I get them.  I promise to get better and do it from now on.  Here is the thing though I can not find the posts where I received them so I came up with my own.  To all the people who gave me my awards thank you and I love them, and again I am sorry for not passing them on.  I have come up with my own award and the rules are that you must pass it on to at least 2 people and one of them has to be a newbie.  I love going out and finding new blogs and reading them.   The second rule is you must name three things that you would change about your looks if you could.   Here is the award and the six people who I would like to give it to.

1. Allan over at
2. Mensa -
3. Mary -
4. Raych -
5. Clyde -
6, Phil -

Now here is the three things that I would change about my looks if I could.

1.  The color of my eyes.  I wish they were blue instead of brown.
2.  My height.  I am 5' 2" tall and I wish I was at least 5' 6" tall.
3.  My fingers.  I have short stubby fingers and I wish they were long and slim.  I wear a size 8 ring.

Okay there is my 3 things and I must now go and tell my blogger buddies they have an award.  Here is yesterdays food journal and I am going to start loading everything to go home.  Oh before I forget I am going to be adding a recipe page to my blog so watch for it next week.  I am going to post the recipes that I am trying along with pictures for those of you who have ask me for recipes. 

Have a great Sunday...


Allan said...

Thanks,, That was cool...Cheesecake hmm... Love me some Cheesecake one day..Nice to slide that into your points.. One time right !! Loves ya

Phil said...

Many thanks for the award - i have updated my post and passed it onto 2 others.

Patrick said...

Cool award! Very well deserving you are.

Raych said...

Oh my goodness, I just managed to look at this, lol. Thank you soooo much! I really appreciate all of the support :D