Friday, October 1, 2010 | By: Debbie

Friday 10-01-10 I feel a binge coming on.

I was going to rant today about several things, including my boss.  I decided that it is not worth it and let it go on my way to deer camp.  I got really pissed off at work today and I also got pissed off yesterday when a off handed remark from a friend about people being trailer trash.  Now this remark really got under my skin, because I am trailer trash.  I grew up in a trailer, my husband and I lived in a trailer until we built our house.  I thought to my self just what the fuck does trailer trash mean.  I look at this person who I do know through her husband and thought who the hell are you to call some one trailer trash.  In Mississippi a lot of people live in trailers who have good jobs and make a good living, we also have quite a few trailer parks here.  What I am getting at is all kinds of people live in trailers, or mobile homes.    The point I am getting at is this is the way people judge obese people.  We are considered less than or not as good as people who are skinny, slim or whatever.   You should never judge a person by what they look like or where they live, cause you might be surprised who they are.   I lived in a trailer and I have a degree in Accounting an Associates degree in computer science and I worked the whole time I was getting it.  So this trailer trash is quite proud of her life in a trailer and I still own one that we have at deer camp.  Also this obese or fat person is also on the track to getting healthy and fit, not to just become a skinny person but to live my life healthier. 

Alright I am done ranting and on to the desire to eat everything I can get my hands on today.  I have not done this, but I want to and it is hard.  Stress is a killer and they are right.  I have done pretty good controlling it, but I did stop at McDonald's and get a small ice cream cone on my way to deer camp.  Ice cream is my stress reducer and always has been.   I hope this is the end of my binge and I can live with this 3 points today and work it into my diet.  I have gone over on my points one day this week and I was okay with it.  I am human and I am very honest with my food journal so I will write down my ice cream cone and try and stay within my point range today.  We are having a new dish tonight and I will post pictures tomorrow and tell you what went in it.  I am also going to give away at least 3 blogger awards that I got and should have passed on sooner than this. 

Here is yesterdays food journal and a current picture of me at 246 lbs...  I have not seen this number in a long time and being below 250 lbs is great.


Potato Diva said...

You are accomplished. You have traveled far and are not finished yet. You started fron a point in life and moved forward. Your family earned your rewards including your trailer, your home and your new body. Funny, how ppl judge us based upon a first impression. It's unfortunate really b/c they have no idea how far we have traveled, what obstacles we have overcome and where we intend to arrive. They are just living in the moment. We have a future. We decide our destiny and if they are so short sighted, do they deserve to be a part of it. I think not.

Anonymous said...

You look great!! It really is such a nice feeling to be under 250....I can not wait until I can say I am under 200. I can't even imagine.....haven't been below 200 in at least 30 years!! I finally broke down and bought me some of those bagel thins you keep eating....they really are good! I enjoy getting food ideas from you, thanks for taking the time to post your journal pictures. Enjoy your time at deer camp and just let the stress roll on off!

Phil said...

Good post - you made the point well i thought.

Your pics are showing good progress...i think you are fine if your binge stops at just an ice-cream.

Keep fighting the good fight, blow off some steam and kick back at deer camp.

Lesia said...

Note to you...never ALLOW another person to make you lose control of the big picture. Which is getting healthier and loving life! You are a strong woman and you don't need their approval. Move on and laugh at them.

Kiddos to getting under 250. See now that's an accomplishment right there! You go girl:)

Jo said...

I would have been hurt by the comment, too. I have never lived in a mobile home, but I know some nice people who have, and they are not dumb or dirty or second-class human beings.

Don't think any more about it. Enjoy your weekend away from work, and try to stay away from the ice cream!

Karla said...

don't let another person get to you like that!!

calling someone trailer trash is just like any other derogatory comment, we have all heard them

and speaking from one who has spent more than a few years living in one to another, who cares??!!

I usually look at those kind of folks and feel pity. From up there on their high horse is a long way to fall, and it's a karma thing

what goes around, comes around

Anonymous said...

Oh people can be so mean! And often, unfortunately, it's ignorance that causes the meanness - or where the meanness comes from. I've also learned that when people put others down, they are often feeling intimidated themselves, so consider where the comment is coming from.
I can see your progress! Congrats! WRiting down your icecream and moving on is the best thing to do. ((( hugs )))

KellyNY said...

Rant & rave all you want. That's what your blog is there for!

spunkysuzi said...

Don't take any notice of people like that! Make your choices for you not because of other people. You are worth it. "hugs"

Mary (A Merry Life) said...

It's so hard to not let comments from other people get to you, but really you can't let others affect you. And when they do? Blog about it! Rant! Rave! Get it all out here. We will listen and sympathize. It's a way better solution than turning to food, because that really doesn't solve anything. Good job on not eating so far and congrats on getting under 250! Your pics are showing progress. Keep it up! :)