Friday, October 29, 2010 | By: Debbie

Friday 10-29-10 Trick or Treat - More treats than trick..

Happy Halloween everybody... Booooooooooooo..  I hope everyone has a great weekend and handles all the candy really well.  Sorry for the short post yesterday, but I wanted to get my weigh in posted so everyone could see how I did.  I am 15 lbs from my goal of losing 60 lbs by Christmas so I am getting closer.   At my meeting Wednesday night we discussed alternatives to treats that we could use if we got to graving candy.  My solution is not to buy it since we do not get many trick or treaters at deer camp.  Wait a minute.. We get no trick or treaters what am I talking about.  Anyway we are at a Weight Watchers meeting and one of the members comes in late with get this cupcakes for everyone.  Can you believe it, and she said oh they only have 5 points each.  Why would you bring something like this into a room of fat people.  You could see everyone looking over at them and thinking okay how many points do I have left and can I work it in.  Now me I took one and it put me over on points by 4,  but hey I am human and I love chocolate.  OMG they were good and way to rich, it made me sick at my stomach on the way home.  I am not use to eating something that rich and sweet.   I'll no better next time..

I got my bracelet today from Jen a Prior fat girl and I love it.  I am going to wear it all the time so here is a picture of it.  I absolutely love it and the saying on it..  One bit at a time.. One decision at a time.. 

Now for the really great news, I went for my yearly physical yesterday and my doctor was so proud of me for losing 45 lbs.  He also has taken me off my high blood pressure meds.  I am to cut them in half for a week and then stop altogether.  I have been on high blood pressure meds for 5 years I am so happy.  This is the best damn NSV that I could every have.  I do not know what would top this for me anytime soon.  

Here is yesterday's and Wednesday's food journal and I am off to read some posts. 


Cathy said...

So wonderful about the meds! It is true, it does not get much better than that.

Granny2Em said...

Congrats! That's awesome news. I'm so happy for you.

Patrick said...

Great med news! Always awesome when the doc validates your efforts, way to go!! Happy Halloween - have a great weekend!!!

Gina said...

Great news on the meds! :O) I know that is a milestone.
I can't believe someone would bring 5 pt cupcakes! 1 pt maybe but 5!!

Floriana said...

Congrats on getting off your meds. That's a huge NSV!
The cupcake story made me LOL. Seriously, what was she thinking??? :D

Tim said...

That's brilliant news getting off the meds especially after being on them for 5 years.

Well done!!


Raych said...

I am SO SO SO happy to hear about the meds! That is seriously the best news I have heard in blog-world all day! That must make everything that you've been doing feel so worth it. Congratulations.

And that woman that brought in the cupcakes. Wtf. Why would you bring cupcakes to a WEIGHT WATCHERS meeting? Lmao. Okay, whatever. That's just weird. Have a great weekend!


Jo said...

Congrats! Other than cleaning the big clothes out of the closet, getting healthy and off meds is the very best NSV! I hope I can join you soon.

KellyNY said...

Debbie - I'm so happy to hear about the meds! And I'm glad you got your bracelet. I've stretched mine out a bit because I kept taking it off and putting it back on. Shrug. Who on earth would bring cupcakes to a WW meeting? Unreal.

Anonymous said...

Awesome NSV!! And I agree about the cupcakes - at TOPS we aren't allowed ANY food in class. If you want to eat, you have to leave the meeting room. We do serve coffee though.
Hey, your wrist looks bruised in the pic - what happened?

Debbie said...

No it is not bruised, I think it was just the light and the way I had it laying on the computer. Thanks for asking though.