Saturday, October 16, 2010 | By: Debbie

Saturday 10-16-10 Keeping my points down...

Boy it is such a pretty day here and I have all the doors open and the breeze feels so good.  I have been rearranging my kitchen and changing somethings around.  Hubby is out hunting with his new cross bow that his boss got him for being there 10 years.  I think it was a nice gift, but hell he has not work in 4 weeks so a check would have been better.  Now do not get me wrong we took some money out of savings to pay our bills, but I will be glad when he goes back to work.    I am still concerned about the economy though and my job is not looking to good these days.   The phone in the office did not ring, but 5 times all day and none of it was work.  My boss and our operations manager got back from Dallas so the day was hell.  It always is when he has been gone and comes back in town.   He will get real bossy for a few days and then it will settle back down to normal.  I have a good boss, but sometimes I wish he would be a little bit more thrifty.   

Well the first paragraph of this I typed over an hour ago, and now I am trying to finish it.  I have a terrible headache and even my eyes hurt.    It is one of those headaches that you can not seem to get rid of.  I have taken several things for it this afternoon, but it is not letting up.  I hate this because this is my time to post and read some posts and my eyes hurt.  I am going to lay back and close my eyes for several minutes to see if that will help.  Here is a picture of lunch today which was great.  I had a turkey sandwich with chips and some fresh peaches for lunch.   The peaches were okay, but to meaty or something.   Anyway the whole lunch was 5 points which was good.   Supper tonight was a bowl of pinto beans with ham in them.  I had a whole cup of them and it filled me up.  I have not figured the points yet but I will after while.

This morning I went to Walmart to get my groceries for the week and when I got back to Port Gibson I had a bag that was not mine.  I felt so guilty even though it was not my fault, but the cashiers.  I knew it had to be the little old lady in front of me and I ended up with her things.  I really felt bad because that is where the peaches came from.   There was bananas, lettuce, peaches and she had purchased some face makeup.    I would have taken it back, but Walmart if about 40 miles away from deer camp and that was just to far to turn around and go back.  I guess maybe I should have called, but I got busy and then this damn headache.  Anyway I hate this because I do not like to take something that is not mine.  I have forgot to pay for hubby's beer before and turned around and gone back into the store to pay for it.    What would you do?  Should I call walmart and offer to pay for the things or what?? 

Here is yesterdays food journal..  I have had a bad day today and you will see that reflected in my food journal for tomorrow..  Have a nice night..