Monday, October 18, 2010 | By: Debbie

Monday 10-18-10 Loving the way my clothes are fitting.

I have been through some more of the clothes that I had packed up and I have a whole new winter wardrobe that I can now wear.  The best thing is that they fit and I can breath in them.  I have all these cute jeans, tops and sweaters that fit.  I should be able to make it through the winter without having to buy new clothes.  If I make my goal of reaching a total of 60 lbs gone by Christmas they may get a little loose, but that is okay.  We are going on a cruise in March, hubby and I and maybe I can by some new spring stuff then. 

I have had a great last couple of days after the fiasco on Saturday with my little binge.  I said maybe I was due a binge, but as I got pointed out by a couple of my followers no binge is due.  They are right, and I should not try and make excuses for binging even a small one.   Stay on track and keep my journal and count those points.   I can now pretty much look at something and if I know the calories and fiber I can just about tell you how many points it is going to have. 

Exercise is on my menu for today, and I took a walk at lunch.  I plan on getting on the wii when I get home after I walk down the driveway.  Supper tonight is going to be a roast cooked on top of the stove in a cast iron skillet so I can walk while this is cooking.  I am going to try for 4 round trips up and down the driveway tonight.   Also I am hoping to get in 30 min on the wii, so lets see how I do with my exercise goals for the day.

As usual I am at work so here is yesterdays food journal and I am going to try and read a couple of posts while I am online.  Have a great day.


Allan said...

Pictures of the clothes.,..Ya sexy Grannie..

MaryFran said...

YAY on the clothes fitting really welL! I love when that happens!

Raych said...

I FEEL YOU on the clothes! I actually wrote a comment to Allan about it on one of his posts. Basically, I used to have a serious muffin top in size 17 jeans and I could only wear shirts that flowed out at the bottom. But now I have slightly loose size 15's and I can wear pretty much whatever I please on top. It's a great feeling, isn't it?

And I'm glad that you are right back on track! As long as you get back on track, no long-term harm is done :)


Angie said...

Congrats on the clothes fitting. I'm sorry you had the little binge as it never feels good to go off plan, but you seem to be back on it. :)

Phil said...

That is definitely an advantage us getting-fit-folks have...loads of new clothes just waiting for us to get into them. Good going.

I think it's a good thing to develop good food knowledge too, where you can look at foods and know roughly what calories and fibre are in them....i used the F-plan for years and got to know the calorie/fibre content of loads of different things as i had to calorie-count on that plan.

Keep hitting that driveway girl, you'll be running 5k's before you know it.

Running Couch Potato said...

You are doing so very well Debbie! Look at all you've accomplished, not only on the scale but your food diaries show that you eat so much better now, more water, more exercise! I have too large bags of clothing coming down east with me at Christmas time for my aunties to pick through. It is an awesome feeling to go through the closet and "clean". Keep up the great work, I'm sure you will meet your goal in time for Xmas!

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