Tuesday, October 19, 2010 | By: Debbie

Tuesday 10/19/10 - Between sizes...

I am having a problem with bras theses days.  My tata's are getting smaller the more weight I loose and I just brought 3 new bras about 4 weeks ago.  For all of you that purchase bras you know this is no cheap expense.  I wonder if you can take them up on the sides??  I have dropped 2 sizes around and they ride up my back.  I was thinking about taking a seam in the side, but I don't know if it will bug me or not.  I guess I could try it on just one of them and see if it does huh. 

My eating has been great the last couple of days and I should have a great weigh in tomorrow night.  I worked out on my wii for 30 minutes last night and it told me my wii age was 37 WOW..  I am young on the wii, to bad I can not stay on it all the time.  lol.    I also got a pretty good workout this morning unloading a truck at work.  We get appliances in for Sears and I was the only one here.  Hey I know how to use a dolly and I got lucky that it was all small refrigerators and not the old big side by side ones.  Anyway enough rambling on..

All this moving and walking today at work has given me lots of energy.  I feel great and I went at lunch to look at getting me some new jeans, but I am going to just make it with what I have.  Taco's for supper tonight, so I will have a low point supper.  Have a great day..

Yesterday's food journal..


Kathleen said...

You can definitely have your bras taken in, particularly if the cup is fine, but the band is loose. I feel your pain on shrinking out of them. I'm such an odd size that I always have to go to specialty bra stores.

Patrick said...

Sounds like you've got all going in the right direction; eating and exercising and the energy from both.

My venison marinade, last night I drizzled each side in Worcestershire sauce and seasoned with lime-pepper and a dash of seasoned-salt. Since the weather was junk out I chose not to grill as I would have preferred. So I sautéed garlic & onion in butter and then when the onions took on some color I added the venison and slowly sautéed them to medium rare.

The butter adds fat so it is not the healthiest preparation, grilling would have been better. I do not care much for pan-cooked meat because it dries out the meat. When I choose to go that route I usually add some fat to the recipe to help prevent that.

How about you, do you have a favorite way to prepare wild game?

Tamzin said...

you are so right! Bras are supposed to be nice and supportive. But they are torture then they dont't fit right!!


Thanks for stopping in and commenting. I appreciated it. Back in the saddle. oh... chaffing! So fun!

oh_mg said...

I was wondering the same thing lately! I totally feel your pain. Of all the places I'm noticing weight loss, it seems most apparent in the chest. It's like, really? Can't I lose more of the belly or the thighs first? This is the one part I want to KEEP, so of course it's the first to go!!!

Anonymous said...

I just had 2 bra underwires break - within days of one another. Emailed the company and asked if they would send me replacement WIRES...they asked me to mail the bras to them. Hmmm. We'll see. New bras? That would be amazing!
PS I bought 1 new bra @ $36 each!