Saturday, September 25, 2010 | By: Debbie

Saturday 09-25-10 - Merlin and Me riding along..

Boy did I have a great day today and a active one.  I got up early and cooked hubby's breakfast and even made him homemade biscuits.  He had 2 fried eggs, sausage and hash browns and I had a bagel thin with laughing cow cheese and 3 pieces of turkey bacon.  A very good breakfast and it was filling also.  I headed out to Walmart and to get my hair trimmed after that and I even went by the casino for a little while.  Blew my $25.00 in nothing flat and it was on to get my hair cut.    Have you every set down in a barber chair and knew you were in trouble when they started cutting your hair.  Well that happen to me today and I should have gotten up and waited on someone else, but I was in a hurry and lets face it I just wanted my bangs trimmed that was all.  Well this person did not know how to cut bangs and I almost ended up with no bangs.   Oh well that will teach me to not wait on my usual person to cut my hair, even if it is just a trim.  

Lunch today was a turkey sandwich with lite chips and water.  Water is all I drink now and I am loving it and I do not think I could even drink a coke now.  I should have taken water with me on my ride today, cause I got thirsty.  It is still really hot here and I forgot to take seom water with me.  I rode for 4 miles and it was fun and it was also hard.  My butt is still sore and even with the saddle seat on Merlin I am still getting use to it.  I can still feel it in my legs even, but boy did I enjoy it a whole lot.  I have got my basket on my bike now and when I ride tomorrow I will take my water bottle with me.   I plan on making the same 4 mile ride in the morning and I hope to make it at least twice every weekend. 

Hubby and Rusty (the puppy) have gone for a ride to look at deer and it is just me again by myself.  I just took a hot bubble bath and I thought I would work on my blog.   Here is yesterday's food journal and I am really staying within my points.   Have a great night..


Potato Diva said...

I think it is too cute that you named your bike. Definitely hydrate on your rides. Good idea. Isn't it nice to do other things to soothe yourself instead of eating when you are alone? I find I am blog-brained as well and it is good. I also love tubbies, journaling and finding healthy recipes to use up our pantry/freezer. I swear by eTools, a WW on-line tool.

I am a WW member as well. I rejoined on 9.16.10. Come share my journey with me.