Wednesday, June 2, 2010 | By: Debbie

Work out Queen

I had a terrific workout last night.  I went home with the intent to get in the pool and swim laps.  Well a storm took care of that, so I turned on my wii and did my fitness test and it told me my wii fit age was 32.  Not bad for a 50 year old women who is over weight.   I did the wii fit for around 30 minutes and decided to try the Zumba workout.  I put in the basic DVD and it started out pretty good.  It really breaks down the dance steps for you and makes them simple to understand.  It worked every muscle in my body and I only made it through learning 10 dance steps.  The music is fun and up beat and it keeps you on your toes.   I tied this with no shoes on and I found out that I will need some shoes.    I really need some shoes that will slid on the floor so I am off to Walmart today at lunch.  

I am going to up my workouts this week and see if I can make up for my scales showing no weight loss for two weeks.   One thing about posting is staying honest with your  blogger buddies.  It really helps to have everyone come back to me and be supportive when I do not lose weight.    I am trying to not get upset over it and listen to my doctor about my knee.  I want to walk in another 5k on June 26th so I am trying to get my knee better.  

Here is a picture of everything I got when I ordered my Zumba kit.  You get a lot
and it is really easy to learn.  Have a nice day.


Ice Queen said...

I am thinking of trying Zumba, one day. It looks like fun. But I am so hopelessly uncoordinated, I will probably tangle my legs up, trip over my own two left feet and kill myself. lol

I understand your frustration with your scale. It is hard to work so hard and see no movement.

I hope that your knee heals fast and you can walk, soon. Until then, just keep on, keeping on. You will be rewarded. :D

Patrick said...

Congrats on the terrific workout!!! Awesome post, love the dedication in your writing. We're here to keep each other honest and on track, I agree. I blog for that very reason too… Go gett'em Debbie!

T&T said...

Where did you order your Zumba workout from. I really want to get myself a video!

M said...

Your determination is inspiring. Thanks for the post!

Nona said...

I keep hearing about this Zumba and I'm really thinking of ordering the set you have. How much space do you need to do it? Our apartment is tiny and I'm afraid I won't have enough space. My husband moves the furniture to do his yoga. Wonder it that'd be enough space for the Zumba.