Tuesday, June 1, 2010 | By: Debbie

Hammer to my scales

Okay, I am ready to take a hammer to my scales.  Again this week no weight loss and I am staying in my calorie range.  I know it is the meds that I am taking for my knee, but it is still frustrating.   Overall though I have had a good week.  I have been working out on my wii and I went swimming all weekend.   I finally have my pool clean and we really enjoyed it this weekend.    My Zumba DVDs came in, but I still have to hook up my DVD player to the TV in my workout room.   I am really looking forward to trying it.  

I go back to the doctor in the morning so maybe he will take me off of some of this medicine that he has me on for my knee.  I think it is doing better and it feels great.  The swimming seems to be the best thing for it. 

We went to our place in Port Gibson, MS this weekend for a night and it was fun.  It is so pretty there and everything is green and luscious.     I went for a walk and it was nice.  I have been thinking about getting an MP3 player, but I think I have changed my mind.  It was nice to listen to the birds and watch my dog sniff out things as we walked.   I saw a deer and a coon.  So no MP3 player for me, at least not yet.  

I am sorry that I have not posted for a few days it gets really crazy at work.   My Internet connection is still no better at home.  They are putting up a new cell phone tower close to us so I hope this helps and I can start posting from home.  If so I will be posting every night before I go to bed.    Now I have to go and catch up on all the posts that I have missed the last few days.  


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Scales can be so cruel (and wrong!) sometimes...what about your clothes? Do they feel looser? Do you feel different/better?

I always think of Ruby (do you watch that show?) smashing her talking scale with a sledgehammer...I think we'd all love to demolish one at some point!

Patrick said...

Sounds like the focus needs to be your knee recovery; get through that and then the scale may get more friendly. I understand your frustration with the scale looking the same for so long. When that knee allows you to get into Zumba I bet you will see results. I am not one who has tried it but I know some who have & they love it.

Nona said...

Glad your knee is doing better with the swimming. Sounds like you are doing everything you can and should so it must be the meds. Hopefully you'll be able to come off them soon and the scale will begin to move downward again.