Thursday, June 3, 2010 | By: Debbie

Zumba Crazy..

Hey people I have found my workout..  I love Zumba and it is a great workout also.  I am still just learning the different steps, but that will work every part of your body.  I am taking it slow and trying to learn to do them right before I go on to one of the 20 min. dance routines.    I am sore this morning and I got on the scales and they are down 1.5 lbs.  I am so excited to see a loss after 2 weeks with not loss.  Of course Monday is my actual weigh in day so hopefully I will keep it off and add to it. 

I am trying to get my body moving and this is what I have done the last three days.   I go to curves at lunch for 30 minutes.  I started this after Lorie got laid off and I have no one to walk with.   I miss my walking partner..  Anyway I do curves at lunch which is a 30 minute program and then I go home and while I am cooking supper I get on my wii fit and do my fitness test and some training.  This takes about 20 minutes and then I eat supper.  Here is last nights menu:

1 Salmon patty (fried in 100% Veggie oil)
1/2 cup stir fried veggies in olive oil with a tablespoon soy sauce for flavor
1/2 cup steamed chicken flavored rice
1 cup fresh cucumbers out of my garden.

I ate all of my salmon patty this is one of my favorites.  I ate about half of the rice and all of my veggies.  The cucumbers did not stand a chance being fresh and crisp they were wonderful.  I even brought some to work with me today.  

After supper I started up my zumba dvd and this I did for 45 min.  It did not seem like it because it was so much fun.  I was sweating everywhere.  I am going to go to Walmart today and look for me some small tennis shoes like keds or something.  You do not really need heavy shoes for this, only something light that will slide on the floor.   I took all my measurements on the right side of my body and I hope when I measure again at the end of the month to have loss some major inches.  

Well enough rambling for today, everyone keep up the good work and healthy eating..


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

What's the name of your Zumba DVD? I've never tried it and a DVD is a great starting place for me.

You are doing lots of exercise, lady! Way to go! How are your legs (was it your foot?) now? I seem to remember you were having some problems a while back.

With all that movement, you must be doing ok :)

Thunder Thigh Bride said...

1.5 pounds is pretty sweet! I know it isn't the official weigh-in yet but congrats! I'm glad you found an exercise you like. I've heard that is key to sticking with any diet program. I've heard that Zumba is alot of fun!

Patrick said...

Good job finding exercise you like, that's great. And that menu last night; did it tasts as good as it looked in writing?

Nona said...

Well done Debbie!!! What a great routine you have going there.

Thanks for the info on the space needed for Zumba. I really think I'll order the discs later in the month. You are the second person I've read who is raving about it.

Really happy you're doing so well.


Jennifer said...

Hi! I am new to your blog! And just love zumba too. I just found it within the last few months and I have to tell you that it does get easier with time! the first few times I actually felt a little promiscuous( i have no idea how to spell that) and I blogged all about it! Congrats on your loss so far. keep up the good work!