Thursday, June 17, 2010 | By: Debbie

My 7 secrets - Challenge from Patrick

Okay, I got a blogger award from Patrick.  I am so proud of it and I thank him very much.

I will send out 7 awards before the end of next week.  I am going to have to figure out how to do it.   Here is my list of 7 secrets that I have never discussed on my blog.

1. - I have been married 3 times.  Once when I was only 17 lasted for a couple of
      months.  2nd time lasted for about 5 years.  This time we have been married
      14 years and been together for 18 years.  Third time is the charm.

2. - Collect Barbie dolls, I have over 200 dolls now.

3. -  Hang most of my clothes on a clothes line, because I like the smell.

4. - I am a terrible housekeeper, will let my dishes collect in the sink for a
      couple of days before I load the dishwasher.

5. - I love diet cokes, no coffee.   Have to have one everyday.  I drink very
      little water.  

6. - I own over 100 pairs of shoes and sandals.  This drives my husband crazy.

7. - I have never discussed my education on my blog so here goes.  I went to
      Mississippi College, Hinds Community College.  I have a degree in
      Accounting and a Associates degree in computer science.  

I would like to hear some secrets from all of you guys too.   I am looking forward to weigh in day on Monday.  I have been working really hard this week. 

Everyone have a nice day..


Tamzin said... secrets I'm willing to tell!!! Eep!

1. I still drink full fat cream in my coffee! :(

2. I have size 11 ladies feet (hate them)

3. I have a fake front tooth from a fight with my brother when I was about 11 years old.

4. I'm worried that all people see at my new job is a fat woman in her 30's with no children and think I'm a total failure

5. I read almost every night - sci fi!!!!! NERD!!!

6. I never make the bed (don't tell my mother)

7. if there is nothing else clean - I will occationally wear a previously worn now dry -sweaty gym teeshirt to the gym again.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Debbie. I collect Sindy dolls and have waaaaay too many!

I also hate the washing up and barely ever do it. The Bear has a unique approach to dishes - he just throws them in the bin when they're too dirty to use anymore!

Have a good day!

Bearfriend xx