Tuesday, April 6, 2010 | By: Debbie

Spring Fever

Oh my I have spring fever so bad, I would love to just take off and go somewhere.  It is so pretty today and I am stuck at work.    I would love to be outside working on my pool or in my yard.   I love to do spring cleaning on my house, open all of the doors and windows and clean.  The house smells like the outdoors when you get through and it is so nice. 

I have so much entergy today, and I feel really great to have started the day with a headache.   I have noticed that my entergy levels are increasing the more weight I lose.  I can also now bend over and tie my shoe.  Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, crazy huh but I was having a hell of time doing that.  I was seriously thinking about getting velcro or slip on tennis shoes.  I am starting to do some yoga stretches at night with my wii and it seems to be helping me get more limber.    I was wondering if any of my blogger buddies do yoga and if so what form and can you give me some pointers.  I am open for any help I can get and you guys are where I get my best ideas and support.

I rode my exercise bike last night for 20 min.  I am having to start slow and build up.  I want to get where I can ride for 45 min a night.    So I am now riding an exercise bike, doing yoga and walking

I read the best article today, and it had a couple of great pointers in it.  So I thought I would share one of them with everyone.

We were designed to be hunters and gatherers.
We've become sitters and clickers.  As a result, we have the nation's worst obesity rate.

Okay I am going to close with a cute cartoon that I found on the internet on a new weight loss program.  I thought it was pretty funny.  



Waisting Time said...

Sounds like your exercise is going really well:)

I started yoga at my gym in January. I just did what they had but now realize my instructor was much more into strength than zen and breathing and I like that. I can't wait to go back when my shoulder heals.

Thunder Thigh Bride said...

I'm glad you like your bike! That comic is funny, I swear I've said that before! Keep up the good work!

M said...

Riding a bike is a great exercise! Make sure you get a gel padded seat, so your bum doesn't hurt. Mine is still sore.

Ice Queen said...

Bwahahaha! I love it. :D

Nona said...

LOL!!! Sign me up!!!

I'm suffering from spring fever myself. Just want to take off to somewhere in a convertible.