Monday, April 5, 2010 | By: Debbie

Moving on down....

Well I had to wait until I got home to weigh today, but I have lost 2 more lbs this week.  Yep I am now at my first goal of 270lbs.....  Can you believe it, I am so happy to have reached my first goal.  I was upset this morning because my battery was dead in my scale and I had to wait until I got home to weigh.  

I want to thank all my followers and friends for their recent comments on what happen to me at Kroger the other day.   Thank you, thank you, thank you........  You guys all made me feel so much better and I tell myself that I am doing okay.  I know I am losing slow, but hey its coming off.  I brought an exercise bike on Craigs list for $35.00 can you belive it and the guy delivered it.   I am going to start using it tonight. 

I really do not have a whole lot to say tonight, I am posting some pictures of what I had for supper tonight and what I am having for a snack later.

Supper was catfish baked.  It was basted in low fat ranch dressing with baked pringles on top.  Then you put low fat shredded cheese on that.  I served this with stir fry veggies in olive oil with a tbls soy sauce. 

I am learning a whole new way to cook food these days.  I am also real please with the
Simply Weight Loss program so far, I really though it would be just another one of those crazy diets, but it is working for me. 

Have a nice day everyone and enjoy your blogging....


Sib said...

Congratulations girl!! Achieving those mini-goals along the way is so incredibly satisfying, hey!!

Keep up the great work (*_*)

cmoursler said...

Hey just read your kroger post.
I am one of those people who would have directly confronted them...something along the lines of 'Well, I may or may not have issues which you may or may not be aware of...however, your lack of compassion and tact is obvious...and something that your mother never taught you. I can't believe you could have gotten this far in life without learning how to be a decent human being...I think your issues far outstrip mine. Good luck to you'.
And then been on my way.
They will always be tactless can lose weight.
hugs to you.