Monday, April 19, 2010 | By: Debbie

4th 5K and counting

I did it my 4th 5k and the worse one yet.  We did the breast cancer walk on Saturday, Lorie and I.   Let me tell you it was hot as hell..  They did not get started on time, beacuse there were so many people.  Then we walked around the Trustmark Ballpark and there was no shade at all.  I like to have cooked out in that heat, but I finished and this time I was no where near the last person.      They gave us all kind of neat things for walking, I got 2 T-shirts, pink shoe strings for my tennis shoes.

I have lost 3 lbs this week, and I am so proud of it.  I had to really work for this 3 lbs and I am starting to see the results in my clothes.  I hope to be able to see the results in pictures soon.  I have lost almost 20 lbs and my pictures are not showing it yet.  I really hate to post the 5 k photos, but I am.  I will be really glad when I have knees again.  I hate that part of my body the most, is my knees are so fat.    Walking is gettin a little easier for me to do.     I need to post a goal picture, but I am posting these 5 k pictures so I am not going to post any goal pictures until I get to 250lbs.    

Well here they are my 4th 5K pictures.

This was my number and my time.  This was my slowest time yet, the heat was terrible.

This wast the T-shirt we got for entering the race, pretty cool huh.

This is Lorie and I at the start of the walk.  I am on the Left and Lorie is on the right. 

This is people walking, there were over 4000 walkers and runners.

These last two are at the finish and you can see how hot we are, but we did it.  I guess we are a glutton for punishment we have another one May 1st.  It is called
the Cannonball run.  I hope everyone has a nice day and I am off to read some of the posts from this weekend.


Seth said...

3 pounds ! way to go!

dani31608 said...

That's great! Congrats on your run! Such a good cause, too. =)

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Great job on the weight and the 5K! I have never done even one:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the comment on my blog :) Congrats on the 5k - I have my first in June, for breast cancer and am so excited.

And your favourite saying is also mine! I have it on my facebook under my about me section.... fate obviously brought us together :)

Shelley said...

Great job finishing the 5K, especially in the heat. That will wipe you OUT, fast! Cute shirt - and nice job losing another 3 pounds!!!

M said...

You're amazing! I think it's wonderful that you're committing to these races. Good for you! I bet yo do look smaler in your pics. 20 pounds is a lot!

Anonymous said...

good job

Girlie said...

Oh my goodness! That is amazing. Congratulations on the 3 lbs! Sometimes when I see the weekly result of weight loss I get frustrated but then when you tally it up, it is so rewarding, so better yet, congratulations on the TWENTY pounds.

I am doing the breast cancer run for the first time in a few weeks in my town and I hope it's not as hot!! Ha, ha.

Nona said...

Firstly, this is a HUGE achievement. Well done you!!! Secondly, congrats on dropping 3 lbs. that is just FAB.

I hate that I've lost 18lbs and nobody has noticed. I guess it will start to show once I lose the next 18lbs.

I hate my arms the most. They are HUGE!!! I know they'll come down with the weight loss (hopefully) and I can get them toned but they have stretch marks on them and that makes me self conscious at the idea of going sleeveless even if they get smaller and toned.

Anyway, you keep up the good work. Love checking in here.