Friday, April 16, 2010 | By: Debbie

Wii workout queen

I am in love with my wii.  Last night I discovered several training exercises that I did not know it had and before you knew it I had worked out 45 min.  Wow.. and I did not even realize that it was that long I was having so much fun.   It keeps up with my BMI, weight and how many calories I am burning while I work out.  I get to date stamp each day that I work out and it tells me how I did.

I love the hoola-hoop game it really works on the hips and trying to catch the hoola-hoops will drive you crazy.  My little granddaughter can do it great, but not me I can catch maybe 2 out of 10. 

Oh and then there is the game that reminds me of Mario Brothers where you run and dodge obstacles and jump across openings.  I keep falling into the water or getting hit by a giant black ball.  This was really fun and I played it the longest and it had me breathing really hard before I was through.

Oh and can you belive that the wii told me that my age was 55, I wanted to throw it out the window.  I am only 50, but it goes by what I did on the fitness test. 

I love this thing and I am going to start doing it every night and we will see if the wii can help me lose weight, because it sure wore me out last night.   I am going to start doing the yoga on it and see how I do it looks pretty simple and hopeful it will help me get more limber.


Girlie said...

Wii is so much fun. I love it (especially because you aren't thinking of working out like you do when you are on a treadmill or something).

Karen@WaistingTime said...

I am thinking about having my boys buy me one for my birthday next month. They would surely get a kick out of the role reversal of them getting ME the video game:)

dani31608 said...

I enjoy mine, too. I will admit that the kids get more use out of it, though. My 6yo daughter and I take turns doing the step thingy a lot!

Amber said...

Oh, Wii. I always look but never dare to try. I don't have one of my own, I would need to buy a TV to go with it, lol. But everytime someone speaks of it I get so intrigued.