Thursday, April 22, 2010 | By: Debbie


Well I had my first wii party last night and it was a blast.  Lorie and Larami came over and we played the wii for 2 hours.  I am sore this morning because you do not realize how much you are exercising.  I laughed so hard at Larami and Lorie doing the hula-hoop game.  My hips and legs are sore and my arms are too.  I guess that is good though it means that I used them.   I am not going to get to walk today so its good that I worked so hard last night.    I feel so good lately with the walking and eating healthier. 

I am at work and on my lunch hour so I thought I would post and read all the blogs I have missed the last few days.  I love reading what everyone has going on and I wish I was as creative in my writing as some of you are.    Today though I am going to write about my grandfather who died about 10 years ago and he has been on my mind alot today for some reason.   I called him Daddy Melvin all my life and  he was something special.  He could not read or write so when my grandmother died he wanted to be able to write his name to handle all his own banking.   I thought this was so cool..    He worked in a saw mill in Philadelphia, Ms all his life.    This man never made more than minimum wage all his life, but left all three of his girls $10,000 each.  He always voted, never stole anything that wasn't his.  He had just about gone blind by the time I was 30 years old.    The funniest thing was that he called me Pete all my life.  I do not think I ever heard him call me Debbie that I can remember.   He worked a garden when I was little with an old plow horse he called Charlie.    The thing I can remember the most is the what he wore.  He always wore overalls everywhere he went. 

I think about him and how busy I always was when he was alive and wish I could turn back the clock for one more visit with him.  One more time of just sitting on the porch and listening to him talk about how things went at the mill that day.  Or have him take me fishing again.    I always told myself well I will go see him next week or I will call him tomorrow.   There are not more next weeks and tomorrows for Daddy Melvin..     I am going to go and see him soon, but of course it will only be a marble stone to talk to, but I think he will know I came by..   

I hope someday that my grandchildren will look back and remember me with loving thoughts and wish they had spent more time with me.   It think sometimes that children forget that their parents were once parents themselves and do not realize how much our grandchildren mean to us.   I have 3 grandchildren and one on the way and we have been truly blessed with bright and beautiful grandchildren. 

Rambling thoughts today....