Monday, March 1, 2010 | By: Debbie

I'm Bad - I'm bad - I'm Bad

Well I have to pat myself on the back I lost another  1lb this week.  I broke the 280 mark and I am now down to 279.  I am so proud of this and I finally realize that I can do this, I can become this slim person hiding inside me trying to get out.   I did really well on my eating this weekend and stuck to my points really well.  I am making mexican tonight and it is in my point range.    I am not going to put any more pics up though until I have lost 20 lbs and at the rate I am going it may take a while, but that is okay.

I move some of the junk out of my exercise room this weekend so it is about where I can use it again.  I am going home to do laundry and work on it tonight.  I hope to be able to start using my wii fit this week again.  I had a bad cold this weekend and did not feel like doing a whole lot.   I am feeling better today and I have worked all day.  I missed Thursday and Friday of last week with this cold and I hate that.    I come in to a desk full of paper work and it takes me a couple of days to catch up.

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and there are some really great ones.  I have several that I follow that is really helping me stay on course.  I just want to thank all you weight loss bloggers and tell you keep up the good work. 


spunkysuzi said...

Honestly the journey to health would be so much harder without the great support i get from other bloggers :)
Congratulations on losing another pound!! You are doing great.

Pamela said...

Way to go, Debbie! You're doing amazing!