Monday, February 15, 2010 | By: Debbie

Snowed In..

SNOW SNOW SNOW  can you belive it..  We got 6 inches of snow in Mississippi.  We had to shut our office down on Friday, people were freaking out.  I was already at home due to having my new wood floors installed, but the girls in the office called me and I told them to stay home.  It was so pretty though, I have not seen that much snow since I lived in North Carolina.   I was stuck inside all weekend though, it was cold and wet. 

Good news though I lost 1/2 lb this week, I know thats not much, but at least I am losing again.  I will take a 1/2 lb week from now on if that is what it takes.  I did not get to exercise this weekend due to the weather and having my house turned upside down for the floor people.  We had to move a lot of stuff into my exercise room and things got put in front of the wii.  I like my new floors though and they look great. 

I have been really good at writing down what I am eating and I joined Weight Watchers online and I like it so far.  I like the points system it seems to work for me better than counting calories or fat grams.  I am allowed 33 points a day and I can stay within that range pretty good.  I do have a problem with snacks though and I need to find some low calorie snacks.  I love fruit so I am going to stock up on apples and oranges.  I am not big on bananas though unless they are about green.

I have been checking out a lot of blogs lately and there are some really talented bloggers out there.  There is several I am following now and it helps that so many people are out there that are trying to lose weight and are an inspiration to everyone.  Keepup the good work people...


spunkysuzi said...

I cannot believe that you guys have more snow than i do in Canada!!
Sounds like you have found what will work for you :) I think different things work for different people.
Hope you're having a great start to your week!