Monday, January 18, 2010 | By: Debbie

Water only

Well day one of my switching to water only and so far so good.  It has really not been to bad as long as the water is really cold I can handle it.  I think it is a matter of developing a taste for something that taste like nothing.  You know they say everything taste like chicken, well let me tell you water does not taste like chicken...  I am determined to lose this weight so I have to re-think everything I eat and drink.  I did really well today and only had around 1200 calories.    I came home and setup my wii and did some exercise on it.  I really like the wii if you have never played wii fit plus get ready to get your feelings hurt.  I picked out this cute little slim mii to be me.  Nice little blue workout outfit and cute hair the whole bit.  I get on the wii fit board and it weighs me and BAM it blows my little mii up like a balloon and tells me that I am obese.  Okay so whats new, it hurt my feelings..  It is really cool though because it keeps up with your weight and measurements and everything.  It knows the last time you go on it and it tells you how much weight you have lost or gained. 

I am attaching a picture of my babies.


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hey..........good idea to do this....keep me posted

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i can only get it to comment if i use anonymous...........patty