Friday, August 1, 2014 | By: Debbie

Out of control.

I am having a couple of bad days with my eating.  I have been eating out of control for the last couple of days and I do not know how to get a grip on it.  I have changed to simple start to see if that will help get me back on track.  Sometimes it just feels like my body needs a break or something if that make sense.  Oh well tomorrow is another day and I will start over. 

Have  a great evening.


Lyn said...

There are certain foods that 'set me off' and make it SO hard to stay on plan, and more likely to overeat. That's why I can't measure out a serving of potato chips, or a couple of cookies, or one piece of cake, etc, and work it into my plan. Maybe there is something you're eating that is triggering you. Try cutting out whatever food you suspect (often it is sugary food, fried food, starchy stuff, wheat based food) for a week and see if you feel more in control. I bet you will! Wishing for your success!