Wednesday, April 3, 2013 | By: Debbie

Wednesday April, 3rd 2013. One day at a time.

I am taking my weight loss journey one day at a time these days.  Some days I do real good and then I have a bad day.  I do not let that bad day get me off course these days though.  I log every bite of food that I eat into my phone and keep up with all my points.  Tomorrow night is weigh in for me so we will see how I do.  I do not think I have lost any thing this week and that is due to a bad day Saturday.  We went to a crawfish boil and I over did it on corn and sausage.  I do not eat crawfish or mud bugs as they are called.  My hands puffed up and so did my ankles from all of the salt in the food though and I have been trying to shed all the water weight this week. 

Have a good night.