Sunday, March 31, 2013 | By: Debbie

My return to blogging.. March 31, 2013

Well I have been gone for a long time from my blog, and I really do not have a good excuse.  I am back on Weight Watchers.  I am doing it online and going to the meetings also.  I really like my new leader and she keeps it interesting.  I chose to do both so that I can keep up with everything on my smart phone and I pad.  The greatest thing has been the Active Link from Weight Watchers.  It is sort of like a Pedometer only it keeps up with every move you make and gives you the active points per day and posts them to my journal.

I am just getting started again so I am going to bring my blog up to date with my weight and everything.  What my goal is to blog when I get home cause I now have Internet at home which I love very much. 

I am trying to get my exercise routine going again.  My hubby has to leave early in the mornings to go to work and I have like 2 hours before I have to get ready to go so I am hoping to work out some in the morning.  I am swimming everyday on my lunch hour and this I really enjoy.

What I hope to gain by blogging again is to keep myself busy and make me accountable for my eating and exercise again and get motivation from all the other bloggers.

Have a great evening and Happy Easter.


E. Jane said...

So glad you're back blogging. I'll be checkingin.