Friday, January 11, 2013 | By: Debbie

Friday Jan 11, 2013 - Slowly going down.

Well last night was my weigh in at Weight Watchers and I am down 1.4 lbs.  I was hoping for more, but any loss is a good loss.  We have a new instructor and I like her, she kept it interesting and is still trying to lose weight herself.  Last night we talked about planning your day and snacks and this is something I really need to start doing.  So I made out a grocery list and I have a lot of fruits and veggies on it.

How many of you plan you meals and snacks everyday?  Does it seem to help you with your eating to do this or make you think of food all day?  One of my biggest problems is going in the kitchen craving something and eating everything until I can curb that craving.  This is one thing I am trying to get under control now. 

Great day on my tracking yesterday and here is a copy of my food journal.  Have a great weekend and I am off to read some posts.


1/2 serving(s) Kroger Peanut Butter, with Honey, Creamy 3

1 serving(s) Nature's Own Bread, Honey Wheat, Enriched 2

1 cup(s) 2% reduced fat milk 3


1 serving(s) wheat bread 2

1 serving(s) Wanda's Tuna Salad 6


1 serving(s) flour tortillas 3

3 oz cooked venison 3

1/8 cup(s) shredded Cheddar cheese 3

1 cup(s) Iceberg lettuce 0

1 medium fresh tomato(es) 0

1 serving(s) Ortega Taco Sauce, Original, Mild 0

1 serving(s) Kroger Refried Beans, Fat Free 2


1 cup(s) cantaloupe 0

2 item(s) peanut butter cookie(s) 4

1 serving(s) Cool Whip Whipped Topping, Lite 1

1 serving(s) sugar free jello

Total Points for the day 34.  I am allowed 35 so I did pretty good.


Paula Johnstonbaugh said...

Pre-planning really does help. I don't do it all the time, but when I do I find I stick to my plan better.

oh_mg said...

I prefer to plan my meals. I find that I don't obsessively think about food that way - in fact, it's the opposite. I'm not worried thinking "what will I eat, I only have X calories [points] left?!"

mensa said...

Glad to hear of your loss. Keep at it and you'll see results.