Tuesday, May 15, 2012 | By: Debbie

Tuesday - May 15th - Swimming today.

So far so good with counting calories.   I am staying at 1500 calories a day and it is working pretty good so far.  I love my app on my phone that lets me scan a  bar code and it will enter the food for me.   I am going to take this one day at a time and see how I do.  I have set my first goal at 10 lbs so I hope to do this in a month. 
I went swimming at lunch again today and it felt good.  I work really close to a Health Plex and I get to swim laps for 30 minutes on my lunch hour and then go back to work.  I have found that it keeps me energized the whole afternoon and I am not getting sleepy after lunch like I was. 

Short posts from me right now, but I am working back into it.  Have a great day.


GK said...

Greetings! I JUST found your blog and as one [male age 58] who has STRUGGLED with weight his whole [post puberty] life.... GOOD FOR YOU in NOT giving up !!! I quit weighing myself 13 years ago at 270 [ am sure weight went a wee bit higher ], then came down with Type II Diabeties. Decided I didn't want to make my enemies TOO happy ;-) so I lost 140 pounds [ at least ,,, since I never really knew how high the w8 truly was ]. I was SOOO happy. The w8 stayed off for quite a while, then it has yo-yo'ed ever since. [ W8 originally came off in 1999]. It has gone as high as 205-ish in the years between and is now "UP" again to 185. I have also had heart problems so any w8 OVER 160 usually brings that into "focus" more and more, as IS the case currently. AT ANY RATE ---- you hang in there and do NOT let that blasted "Demon of Dispair" get you down. We CAN do this ,, we may have lost a battle or two,,, but the "war' is ours to win!!! KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON !!!!!!! gks420@vwerizon.net