Thursday, March 8, 2012 | By: Debbie

Thursday March 8, 2012 - Fitness Assessment Test

Well I did it and joined the local health plex close to work.  Today was my Fitness Assessment Test and I did terrible.  My resting heart rate was 108 and it should be somewhere around 70 or below.  My blood pressure was 140/100 which is high, but I had just climb a set of stairs twice.  Now for the hard one my weight on their scales fully clothed was 279.8.  We did not even do a flexibility test due to the fact that the treadmill test took a while.  The treadmill was set to speed up and down with my heart rate, but since my heart rate was 128 due to the stairs it was running really slow. 

OMG what have I done to my body and my health.  Starting right now, not tomorrow or next week or I will start tomorrow excuses I am going to get fit.  I got 6 hours with a personal trainer for joining and I am going to use every one of them.  His name is T (Theodore) and he was fit and good looking.  On the days that I do not train with him I am going to swim and walk and do the exercises that he gives me to do with the weights.   I am going to move my body in some form everyday if it is just cleaning house when I get home.  I have become a couch potato and a TV addict, but not anymore.  I am going to clean off my bar and start eating my meals there every night instead of in front of the TV.  It is amazing what a little reality check will do for you.   

I also have to watch what I eat between meals and pick healthier snacks.  I am going to get me some almonds and fruit today.  I could just take myself out back and beat the shit out of myself for letting this get out of control again.  WTF was I thinking when I started to eat again.  I can blame it on my foot being sore, but that is all bullshit if you will excuse my french.  Lazy now there's a word that I can use to describe myself these last few months. 

So people stick around because Hells broke loose in Mississippi.  I am going to blog and move my body and get my numbers better before my next fitness assessment in 3 months.  I want my BMI below 50 and going down. 

As you can see I am giving myself one good ass chewing today.  Please excuse all the bad words, but I needed a good talking to.  Have a great day.


Jo said...

Oh, what a reality check! Sometimes that's what it takes for that fire to spark again and get moving with the health plan. You can do this. Look back at what you were eating and how much you were exercising when you were losing the weight. I know you went to WW, and did very well with it, but this gym may be the change you need. I'm cheering for you!

birchgirl said...

You can get your act together. We will be watching and rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

you go girl...........I am there with ya!!!

The Path Traveled said...

High Five lady!
How do you like the changes on Nutrimirror? I'm glad he left the button to get on the old way just in case. So far I like it. Keep doing what your doing!

jaylen watkins said...

Quite interesting one about fitness assessment test. All the best.


Virtual Paul said...

Hello. I just found and followed your blog. I have no doubt that you will do great. Congrats on starting right now!