Thursday, February 2, 2012 | By: Debbie

Thursday Feb. 2nd 2012 - One Hell of a weekend...

Honestly I am trying to get back to posting everyday or at least during the week since I have no internet service at home.  I have had a weekend from hell let me tell you.  I caught a cold last week and I am trying to get over that so I stayed home from Deer Camp this weekend to curl up with the remote and relax.  Well come Saturday morning I discovered that there is not a whole lot to eat at the house so I get up and go to the grocery store.  The trouble starts when I get home and get everything put away and decide that I would feel better with a hot bath.  So we have one of those shower heads that you can take down and spray your self with so I started to rinse out the tub and the end blows off the shower head.  Now this metal hose is flipping around like a snake spraying water every damn where.  I finally get the water turned off to a drowned bathroom, so much for resting.  I get the bathroom dry and go to the laundry room to put all the wet stuff in the dryer and the light blows.  I change the bulbs out, but nope it is the light.  So I now have a lamp from the bedroom sitting on top of my dryer so I can see.    Next time I will just go to deer camp and be sick there.  lol

Well I finally got my wii up and running and started over using it yesterday.  I walked a mile at lunch today and I am going to try and do that every day.  Sunday is my official weigh day so I will be putting the weigh-in up again then.   I can tell that I have not walked much it wore me out just walking that mile, but I can at least walk without my foot hurting.

Well back to work.  Here are the pics off of my first weigh in on my Wii with my starting over program.


E. Jane said...

Hi Debbie,

Is this a new blog? It seems like I followed you under another blog title, but maybe not. Anyway, I'm following again. I wish you success. I'm working at it too, and started a challenge recently that has helped.

The Path Traveled said...

My hubby and I use the Wii also to weight weekly.
You just didn't have a lot of luck going your way. Hope its better from now on. Water, lights, Oh My!

Anonymous said...'re back!!!

Corletta said...'s tough when things go wrong back to back :( By the way...I'm posting and reading again! I just got so dang busy for a while there :/ Happy Friday!

Enz said...

Hope you are over your cold!